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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to come to you with a detailed itinerary in mind?

You can, but you don't need to. We pride ourselves in working jointly with our MOD clients to design an itinerary whicih strikes the best balance between what you would like to acheive and what the MOD can afford. If you just have a particular country or theatre in mind - we can work with you to design the most appropriate tour/study.

Is your 'all inclusive' price more competitive than we could achieve by negotiating each element direct?

Yes, this has invariably been the case whenever we have compared all costs involved on a like-for-like basis. And where our price is higher than you can afford we can fine-tune prices by mutual discussion. For example, if you can take more participants, or are prepared to accept lower standard accommodation than we normally offer, the price per head will be lower.

MOD guidance encourages us to 'cut out the middle man' by negotiating flights and accommodation direct - why go through you?

We provide a full turnkey service because this saves you administrative time and effort and we can save you (and therefore the tax payer) money by using our extensive travel industry connections to lever value for money solution. And remember, we know about the many hidden costs that you or MOD may not be aware of.

What is the difference between the standard Battlefield Tours shown in your brochure and the Battlefield Studies you also provide?

Our scheduled battlefield tours are themed holidays aimed at the top end of the tour market. They are designed for small groups staying in top quality hotels and experiencing top quality food and wine, hence the relatively high cost per person. Battlefield Studies are military training at the tax payer's expense - so we tailor the package accordingly to match MOD's budgets and ensure that our guides are familiar with the military and know how to draw appropriate strategic, operational and tactical lessons from the historical events under study.

What keywords/phrases do your MOD clients use in their feedback on your tours?

Typically, 'well planned', 'meticulously administered', 'comfortable hotels and coaches', 'exellent guides', 'well-balanced and researched itineraries', 'educational' and 'fun'. See our Testimonials page for more feedback from MOD clients.